Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

In the wake of what went on in Connecticut, I know it is a terrible tragedy, It will take a long time for everyone to heal, but I just hope people use their heads and think before making snap decisions. President Obama has already made suggestions to the press of leaning harder toward gun control  because of this event.

In the schools where I reside an on duty armed county officer is placed at each during school hours. At the last bell before the school day begins, the doors are locked going to the inner school areas. All traffic is routed through the main office where students are verified by school identification tags, visitors drivers licenses are scanned and verified visually and approved before being allowed to enter the main area through another entrance door located in the office. In some cases the visitor may be escorted by the on duty officer if there is any question. At no time  during school hours is the office unoccupied.

I was at the office one day to pick up my daughter for a doctors appointment and witnessed proof of their system in action. A parent had come to the school and insisted she see her daughter to give her some type of information. However, the parent did not have her license or any other visual id with her. She was not allowed to enter the school and became very distraught and abusive. She eventually left after the officer was called over the intercom to the office. It became evident after checking things out that this parent did not have custody of the child and may have been attempting to kidnap the child.

The system worked nicely. Had the doors not been locked to the inner school areas this person could have walked right in to the child’s classroom and then who knows what may have happened after confronting the teacher and the other children.

I do not personally own a gun, but I repeat what has been said so many times before: Guns do not kill, people kill. If guns are taken away only bad people will have them. A good example is of Australia’s gun control laws. Below is a comment made on a site regarding this topic:

Chris “As an American who resides in Australia, I can confirm and agree with what you say. (However, There is a lesson to be learned!) I have also lived in England so I have experienced both the British and Australian ‘Gun Laws’ first-hand. They are identical – AND in both countries it is against the law to defend yourself or your home. You will end up in jail if you do so. OF COURSE THIS IS THE ULTIMATE ABSURDITY!”
PS Here in Australia if you really want an automatic weapon they are always available ‘at a price’ on the black market. Criminals know this all too well.”
I received an email from another website owner this morning who summed it up pretty well: “Thank you William and I agree. It’s true that some people are the problem not inanimate objects like guns. If gun control ever does dominate our culture, the down side is that those inclined to do harm to others one at a time will simply think more outside the box and develop more efficient ways like bacteria and/or chemicals dispersed into large groups of people including children to fulfill their strange desires to harm many at once. Then, while gun control advocates are patting themselves on the back that they’ve finally got the problem solved, our society will then really be in for it.”
As a reminder of how precious our children are and maybe to ease the sorrow if only for a minute, here is a cute video I ran across today which I would like to share with you. Keep in mind this little guy is only two years old.

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