Pyramids Are Not Tombs

We have all been taught and come to believe that ancient pyramids were tombs of the pharaohs in Egypt and of kings and nobles in other lands. The pyramids of Egypt in particular have been studied more than all others throughout the world. Personally I have never believed this theory. There have never been any mummies found in any Egyptian pyramids.

Regardless of how great or powerful a ruler is, why would they go to such lengths in using so much manpower for a tomb instead of using it to build a great city for their kingdom as others have done? If the people are so worn down and impoverished from such laborious duties, how could they pay taxes to satisfy the kingdom? The spoils of war will not sustain an entire kingdom forever.

I ran across a very interesting site about a year ago by a man named James E. Brown. I found this site to be extremely interesting and thought I would share it with you. Mr. Brown is a construction engineer who has made many trips to Egypt to work and to study the pyramids. What he has discovered is that the pyramids in Egypt were actually used to create energy for some purpose.

Others have since discovered the same thing about most other pyramids around the globe as well. I will incorporate as much other information as I can find about this from other researchers and list it under a tab or link on this site titled ANCIENT ENERGY.

So much of what we have been taught is wrong and not just by mistake. A tremendous amount was intentionally kept from us throughout  the ages. Why?


3 thoughts on “Pyramids Are Not Tombs

  1. I agree. According to Holy Quran, pyramid (lofty tower) were built to look at the god of Moses.

    “Nobles!’ said Pharaoh. ‘I know of no deity that you could have other than myself. Well, Hāmān, kindle for me a fire [to bake bricks] of clay, and then build me a lofty tower, so that I may have a look at
    the god of Moses; even though I am convinced that he is one who tells lies.’” (Quran chapter 28: verses 38)

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