Billy Meier: Fact Or Fiction

There has been a tremendous amount of controversy over the years regarding the Billy Meier case and his stories of being visited by extraterrestrials. It’s a very unique case to study and I myself was never very taken with the whole thing. In light of having only recently decided to get involved and see, for my own entertainment, just what all of the static was about, I found the case of Billy Meier to be very interesting indeed. I came away with more questions than I had going into it and since Mr. Meier is still apparently alive, doing well, and still writing about his experiences at the age of 75, I will be continuing to investigate this phenomenon.

One discussion between Billy Meier and one of his extraterrestrial informants I found most intriguing was this recent one dated September 1st, 2012. You can read it here: The Fure Of America, Obama, And The Asteroid Apophis. It was posted January 10, 2013 on the site TheyFly.Com by Michael Horn.

This video is the Billy Meier Story by Michael Horn.


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