Climate Change Is Nothing New And Is Not From Carbon Dioxide Gases As Global Warming Extremists Claim, States Dr. Emil Silvestru

Personally I never subscribed to the global warming hoopla from Al Gore and his army of extremists. Al Gore has made millions from this issue as well as a lot of others.

The late broadcast journalist, Walter Cronkite, was at one time seen as one of the most trusted people in America. People very rarely ignored what he had to say or doubted it’s validity. Sometime in the late 1970’s or early 80’s,  I remember seeing a program about global warming which was hosted by Mr. Cronkite.Walter Cronkite He stated that according to scientists the Earth was still coming out of the last ice age over 10,000 years ago. He talked about how the Earth’s warming was a natural event and the hurricanes and weather events would continue to increase due to this phenomena.

Over the years Walter Cronkite seemed to gravitate toward the global warming debate more on the side of the extremists. Nonetheless, he never supported anything he did not believe in. Because of this and his character in general, multitudes of people followed whatever he supported. I still believe what Mr. Cronkite said on that program, though about the Earth is still coming out of the last ice age.

The following video is of an interview with Dr. Emil Silvestru by Jim Cantelon on global warming past and present.


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