Sandy Hook School Review: Hoax Or Real?

As almost anyone can tell you in this country, “You can’t believe everything you here in the major news media.” I for one should know this all too well.  Especially since I have experienced first hand some of the trickery used by reporters to get you to say what they want to hear. Then they will turn it all around and you end up looking like an idiot.

I got so fed up with national news sources that I do not even own a television anymore. I rarely look at a news paper either and I do not listen to news on the radio. Then how do I know what’s going on in the world? The Internet, if you have not already suspected this. Although there is quite a bit of hype on the Internet, there is a lot more truth there. Simply put, people want to be heard. They want their side of the story told which is not the case with mass media. News reporters for major networks, news papers, and magazines only tell you as much as they want you to hear. More often than not they will twist the story so that it ends up not being anything about what the issue is.

It does take a little time to wade through it all, but in the long run you will eventually find what you are looking for, which brings me back to the video shown below. It’s about the nonsense going on with the Sandy Hook School case. The evidence seems to be piling up that it was a hoax and it appears there may be lot of higher-ups involved also. I can’t really distinguish if the news media was in on it or if they were suckered into it. You decide for yourself after watching this.


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