The Real Alien Experience: George Adamski, The Truth Is Much Stranger Than Fiction

It is said that the truth is much stranger than fiction. There are so many descriptions of alien encounters over many thousands of years, in photographs, in films and videos, in drawings on cave and various structural walls, in paintings, in the Bible and other holy manuscripts around the world. Yet, the government, mars smudgescience, and military establishments say that the UFO phenomena can’t be real because there is no physical evidence. If this isn’t physical evidence and major mass denial, then I don’t know what is.

I had never heard of George Adamski until recently, however, after mars smudge2viewing the following documentary about him I have to admit, there must be something to what George Adamski talks about.

It’s very evident NASA covers up images before releasing them publicly. The pictures posted in this article I pulled straight from Google Earth. They show masking or smudges covering certain areas on images of Mars. Why would NASA do this if there was nothing to hide? I invite you to watch this video thoroughly and then make up your own mind.

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