Suspect Sky – You Will Believe After Watching This Unless You Are Blind

If you don’t believe there is a UFO phenomena and coverup going on after seeing this video then you never will. The United States government believes in hiding evidence in plain sight. This has been going on for over 50 years. They say there is no conclusive evidence, but if you show them a picture they say it isn’t real. I for one can tell you it is very real. In 1996 while in Sardinia on a job for the US Navy, I photographed a UFO. To go around wearing  blinders is to be very foolish and unprepared. There is more to fear of our government than there is to fear of the UFOs whether they are from this planet, universe, or dimension. Too many astronauts, scientists, astronomers, ex-military, diplomats, other people of distinction who are tired of the lies and coming forward with suppressed information.


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