The Truth Is Always Stranger Than Fiction: Beware

Although the dialog spelling and grammar was a bit sketchy, I still found this video highly interesting. One of my sons is a linguist and has spent the last 20 plus years researching ancient languages. Some of the things he has uncovered would astound you and would go against everything you have been taught regarding science, governments, ancient civilizations, and most importantly…religions. Nothing is as you see it through the eyes of others who only want you to see a microscopic portion of reality.

Are you aware that the New Testament of the Holy Bible is based on other ancient religions thousands of years prior. Nearly all stories in the Bible are identical, yes even the Great Flood, to stories in the Qu’ran and other ancient texts. So who wrote the New Testament? It was written by the Roman Catholic church who has always tried to be the dominating religion. Millions have been tortured, murdered, whole civilizations wiped out and raped of all of their gold, silver, and other valuables all throughout history. Don’t believe me, look it up for yourself. And now the Vatican is acknowledging the existence of extraterrestrials right at the time when the Pope has announced he will resign.

The US government and the church are one even though the US Constitution says they should remain separated. The past few US Presidents have overstepped their authority as if they are to answer to no one. Wall Street is allowed to speculate on oil price futures and drive the economy into the ground. Control a county’s oil supply and you control the country. Hide secrets in plain sight and deny the truth. Change the history and rule the world. The Federal Reserve is not a federal agency and no part of the government. These are all facts not myths or rumors, yet people still play follow the leader like lost sheep right to and over the cliffs edge.


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