New Energy Sources Hidden By United States Government

It’s hard to believe that as citizens of  the United States of America, supposedly the greatest country on the planet, almost nothing which we learn through our government is truthful. Science discoveries are hidden from us in the education system here. The news media hides and suppresses the truth about breakthrough discoveries in the medical and health fields.  All of this is by design.

I taught seventh and eighth grade back in the eighties for one year. Why only one year? Mainly I was forced out when I helped identify 25 students who were classified wrongly as (MH) Mentally Handicapped and (LD) Learning Disabled and worked with the new principal to have them re-classified. We both lost our jobs and the principal’s career was destroyed after her years of dedicated service to the education system in this country. I later discovered that a certain percentage of this country’s population is intentionally (dumb-ed down). The belief of the world’s most rich and powerful is that if everyone was intelligent, successful, and rich, there would be no one perform the common labor aspect of society. That is why America’s education system is so far behind in many schools across the nation…it’s intentional.

The American government is controlled by a secret government within the government. This secret government is controlled by the most powerful and wealthiest companies on the planet, who in turn are controlled by the most powerful and wealthiest families on the planet. This secret government will do anything to protect the secrets they guard even to the point of killing innocent people. Just do a bit of research and you will find that mysteriously inventors and discoverers of things which will change history and mankind have died, disappeared, or silenced after being confronted by representatives of this secret government.