Big Foot Bones Or Lost Race Of Giants?

It never ceases to amaze us here at Suppressed Information the number of videos which have been around for years, yet so many people have never seen or heard about them, including us. Most people appear to just take what the mass media tells them or the authorities, then forget about it without any investigation on their part. As stated in our ABOUT page, we do not indorse any information shown here, however, we do find the information we bring to you highly intriguing. We feel there is just too much spread too far apart and people are too busy with life to look further than one place. This is the exact reason we decided to pursue, to gather this information and bring it to our viewers in one central location.

Thanks again to our followers. Because of you our site is now number one on first page results on all major search engines, including Google, for the phrase suppressed information.

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