Ex-CIA Agent’s Death Bed Confession Of Alien Agenda

The ex-CIA agent in this video gives us a detailed death bed confession of the government’s alien agenda. He has held this suppressed information for 50 years and now nearing death he chooses to disclose what he has kept secret. Although having been told to keep quiet in the past, the ex-agent states how it is such a burden lifted from his shoulders to finally disclose these facts. He discusses how after Nixon and Eisenhower were told by Majestic 12 that Area 51 was none of the government’s business,  the agent describes how former President Eisenhower gave him and his boss orders to go to Area 51 and give the Majestic 12 folks a message. Eisenhower said to tell them if they did not allow the agent and his boss to inspect the Area 51 facility he (Eisenhower) would take the First Army of Colorado down there and rip Area 51 apart. Needless to say, the agent and his boss were then given access and a tour of Area 51 and shown things they never thought they would see. This is a must see video.



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