Suppressed Information, Suppressed Technology, Suppressed History: The Time Is Now To Reveal The Truth.

SuppressedInformation.Com shot to top listing on first page results on all major search engines, for the same phrase, almost over night. On Google alone there are over 20 million searches for suppressed information. People want to know what’s going on with all of the strange events taking place in the world today.

We wanted to help people in-the-know get their information out there. Although we try to be unbiased with the information we present, some articles or videos catch our attention and after some investigative work we decide to make a statement. The following program is from a Coast To Coast broadcast and is one of those pieces of information we believe our readers should listen to. It’s not fiction regardless of what you have been told. It’s fact and is happening now, today, in our lifetime. All of the dis-information we have been told all of our lives by the government, the churches, the schools is now coming full circle. People need to be prepared for what is about to take place.

We urge you to listen to this broadcast carefully then do your own research.

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