ANTARCTICA – Are they trying to reach an ALIEN BASE?

As the Earth gets ever warmer and the polar ice continues to melt, many new discoveries are being made in the Antarctic regions and being kept silent by the American military.  The video listed below outlines what’s been going on. There is a section in the video which talks about a scientist witnessing some sort of spiral vortex in the sky due to the discovery. This matches the same anomaly I saw in a previous video taken in Norway. In fact you can Google Norway spiral and see the video for yourself. Although using a voice synthesizer for the dialog, the video is pretty fascinating considering some of the facts I have been researching about all of this. Supposedly this main event took place in 2000 and the US Military was trying to keep it from Russia and China, in particular, and all other countries as well. It was picked up on Google Earth and very quickly pulled, but a few folks managed to save it before it was removed. I saw some of these pictures a long time ago, but was very skeptical. Now I’m not so sure, but as always, you draw your own conclusions.


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