David Rockefeller’s Confession OF His Family’s Part In A New World Order


3 thoughts on “David Rockefeller’s Confession OF His Family’s Part In A New World Order

  1. Thx for the info….many more of us daily are seeing the world with open mind/eyes. I had the fortune to be taught by awake ppl 30+ yrs ago and have worked against them ever since.

    Now is the time for us all (ppl) to step up for our pursuit of a fair, prosperous, healthy, honest and free world for ALL nations! They are afraid, Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted as much when he said the Elite must begin restricting the flow of info on the Internet as ppl were now more politically aware of Their criminal actions than ever before!

    Take care mate, hopefully one day our hard work will escalate into the world becoming Free for All!

    1. The elite have the notion that this planet can only support a particular number of people and began long ago to make a change by buying up all of the banks and major industries. I used to think most of this was just nonsense until I got involved a few years back and began to do my own research. I discovered how naive I was as well as most of the world. The changes taking place in the world now were set into motion many centuries ago.

      1. That is their “Eugenics” outlook on life, I truly believe it’s because if we become too switched on/educated and have enough numbers we could take back the world and make it wonderful over time. It’s why they also want us to buy into the limited resources aspect so they can keep increasing prices. If we desalinated sea-water using solar/tidal/wind and all the suppressed tech (Thorium etc) we could easily generate enough food/energy for an expanding healthy population with all using renewable/sustainable resources by effective/ethical management and farming.

        The 2/3 Party political systems are a farce designed by the Rothschilds etc to enable them to divide the ppl in a less chaotic way than they had previously using religious scapecoats.

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