NASA Lied From The Beginning: Proof Positive Of Apollo’s Actual Moon And Mars Missions

The following video is excellent. Maybe the best proof laden video I’ve seen in a long time. A lot of effort was put forth to show where the evidence came from that was presented. Sure, a lot of things can be faked, but whether it is or isn’t, to someone who can’t see the forest for the trees, it doesn’t really matter now does it? People want proof. You give it to them and they say it’s not real. NASA having placed all of this in the public realm is proof that the government feels the best place to hide something is in plain view. The actual audio transcriptions from the Apollo missions black boxes of what the astronauts are seeing on the dark side of the moon are amazing. The photos are truly mind blowing and prove without a doubt that NASA and the Department of Defense have been lying all along, not only of the actual space missions purpose, but also what was found. The evidence is overwhelmingly proof positive. Anyone not believing in what is actually going on after viewing this video will never believe anything other than what their leaders tell them, which of course, is what our public education system in the United States is all about. Many thanks to Suspect Sky for this video. Check out the rest of the channel too.

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