The Alien Underground – The Hidden Reality and True Story of Phil Schneider. May He Rest In Peace.

The story of Phil Schneider is one of the most fascinating topics in the Alien conspiracy world. Schneider’s life was threatened a number of times after deciding to come forward with the information he was personally involved with concerning building an underground base in Dulse New Mexico while working with the US military. His team of geologists accidentally drilled into an apparent underground Alien base which started a battle with a race of tall Grey Aliens and resulted in many American military and security personnel losing their lives. Phil Schneider was  severely injured, but survived to tell his story of what took place only to have multiple attempts on his life until he was ultimately murdered in 1996. In this version of Phil’s life you will here detailed information from Phil Shcneider’s wife describing the type of person he was and how he believed wholeheartedly in what he was doing to get his knowledge out to the public. Although we have presented here on Suppressed Phil Schneider’s story previously, we feel this version is a more in depth view of his world and the problems he encountered. Throughout Schneider’s testimony he maintained that the US military knew of the existence of the Alien base and said nothing to the team of geologists or it’s own personnel to warn them of the danger. Phil stated that as close as they could determine the Alien presence had been there for approximately 400 to 500 years.


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