Orson Welles to Dr. Steven Greer: The 1938 Mass Hysteria To Todays Citizen Hearing On Disclosure

The Orson Welles 1938 Halloween radio broadcast version of H.G. Wells’ book War Of The Worlds was claimed to have been so realistic that many listeners actually believed the earth was being invaded by Aliens from Mars. Despite announcements at the beginning and end that the broadcast was just a Halloween program, many people who did not hear the announcements spread the word. However, contrary to popular belief, only a minute portion of the listeners believed what they were hearing on the radio that evening was happening. The mass hysteria myth was marshaled and  and kept alive by the major news medias. In 1938, with radio now taking a huge portion of printed news media’s advertising profits, newspapers and magazines saw this as a prime way to get back at the radio broadcasting industry.

In 2013 we are being told by Dr. Steven Greer that their are interstellar spacecraft positioned in deep space surrounding our planet. Dr. Greer claims some of these craft are as large as 26 miles long. He claims they are not here to harm us, only to teach us and help us move into the future with a better understanding of what other civilizations really exists. Dr. Greer insists the Aliens are here to teach us how to become civilized and stop destroying each other before they will allow us to experience or become part of the universal space community and present a threat to them as well.

Dr. Steven Greer also insists there is an ongoing false Alien agenda by a secret government whereas Alien looking craft are being built by humans to manifest a false Alien invasion in the near future. What would be the logic behind such an event?


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