The Destruction Of America: A Very Powerful Documentary

The Destruction of America is a very powerful film to watch. We strongly encourage parental discretion while viewing in the presence of young children. Whatever your political, religious, or moral beliefs may be, please watch The Destruction of America in its entirety. Warnings of impending disasters have been hidden in plain site for years right on the currency we use. It’s only in the past few years that these warnings have been discovered and made public. John and Bobby Kennedy tried to warn the American people and lost their lives for doing so.

Events have been happening in the United States Of America over the past 99 years and increased at an alarming rate since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was formed and the Internal Revenue Service reinvented itself. Though what you are about to see may appear to have a religious overtone at first glance, we urge you once again to watch the entire film. The message presented is  extremely important to each American citizen as well as the entire world.

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