The Black Knight Satellite

What is the Black Knight satellite? Where did it come from and why is it in a polar orbit around our planet? Photos of this anomaly were taken from NASA archives and websites and posted online. In January of 2013 Google began removing videos and photos of the Black Knight satellite as well as other suppressed information topics from the internet. Some people managed to save some of these and are re-posting them.

Since 1889 when Nikola Tesla first discovered an unusual electronic signal coming from above the Earth, speculation of what it was and where it was coming from has led to a myriad of ideas. It has only been over the past 60 years that we have begun to understand and identify where this signal emanated. We now know the mysterious signal has been and continues to originate from an ancient object in a polar orbit around Earth which has been dubbed The Black Knight satellite. Could this mysterious object be from an ancient civilization on Earth?


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