All Kids Are Born Geniuses, But Are Crushed By Society Itself: Michio Kaku

This is so true. I taught a pre-vocational program to 7th and 8th grades in the 1980’s. It was an experimental program to keep potential dropouts in school. The program was a huge success. The kids parents were astounded by what they could do. Ninety teachers were hired across the state of North Carolina to teach the program. Ultimately, it was canceled for lack of funding. Sadly, that is usually how it works when education is involved in this country. The powers that be, namely the elite rich and famous, are scared to death of allowing people to become smart enough to figure things out for themselves. In particular, what is actually taking place in this world with the suppression of inventions, discoveries in science and medicine, and the theft of patents on things which would benefit mankind across the globe. However, it would cut into the deep pockets of the elite in doing so and we would not be slave to their antiquated oil and energy systems.


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