Bigfoot Killed By Jackass Texas Man Named Rick Dyer

A guy named Rick Dyer from Texas has been claiming for over a year that he shot and killed a Sasquatch or Bigfoot creature back in September of 2012. He also claims to have DNA evidence and to have had the body autopsied and stuffed and will release all of the results and proof on February 9, 2014. His plans are to make a lot of money touring it around and charging people to view it. This guy has a lot of credibility issues with hoaxes from the past, however, he claims this time it’s real and shows on the video below the reaction of people who have seen the supposed carcass. Dyer claims to have

If what Rick Dyer says is actually true then that to me, as well as many others, is a shame. Reports of these creatures have existed for thousands of years on virtually every continent on Earth. It is inevitable that there is more to these stories than just fantasy and would be one of the greatest discoveries of modern man. Yet to go out with the intentions to hunt a creature of this nature down solely for the purpose of killing it to make a buck is truly a shame if not a crime. For this reason we give the Jackass Of The Year Award to Bigfoot tracker wannabe, Rick Dyer.

We also hope that some time in the near future legislation is passed to protect these creatures if they are found to indeed exist. We would also like to hope that Rick Dyer be forced to turn over any monetary gains  he may encounter from this to the appropriate authorities towards the study and protection of these creatures. For the record, I know of no cases where someone has reportedly been harmed by these alleged creatures. There is no need to hunt them down and kill them.


In his own words Rick Dyer describes his involvement with a prior Bigfoot hoax and money scam.

2 thoughts on “Bigfoot Killed By Jackass Texas Man Named Rick Dyer

  1. After some thought, I must give more credit to freezer boy and his hoax. I was thinking he is a complete fool for trying to perpetrate yet another hoax. But, I under
    estimated the stupidity of his believers. So why not just create a controversy, where the profoundly gullible think that there may be a chance he’s telling the truth. That should keep a steady supply of rubes ready to pay a few bucks to gawk at Hank the faux BF.

    A release of real scientific evidence (autopsy etc..) from a credible, independent source like a major university will never happen!!! Since they would not risk their credibility by propping up a half ass hoax. Again, by not presenting any scientific evidence keeps the hopelessly wishful thinking dreams alive.

    So freezer boy will just continue down the stall /delay/excuse route while towing around Hank, doing the flea market tour.

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