Is The United States A Police State?

unknownA lot of folks nowadays are asking if America is becoming a police state. My answer to that question would most certainly have to be no. America is already a police state.

Let me ask you a few questions.

  1. Do criminals and bad people in general go around watching over their shoulders constantly to see if anyone is watching them?
  2. Do they spy on others by any method, sift through others mail, try to get into peoples bank accounts and other private business?
  3. Do they throw their weight around intimidating and coercing  good law abiding people?
  4. Do they pay their fair share of taxes or pay taxes at all?
  5. Does the general public fear the police and politicians who are sworn to protect them and the Constitution of The United States yet step all over them every day of the week.?
  6. Are your rights as an American citizen constantly being diminished?
  7. Do you fear punishment for speaking out against any of the acts listed in lines 1. through 5. above?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then you just described the American government and you know damned well that America is a police state.

Recently some friends of mine spent a few months in Munich, Germany. While there they said they never once felt fear or anything threatening. In fact they told me they never saw a police officer the entire time. No sirens, no police all over the place, no crimes of any sort, only people having a good time and enjoying life. My friends traveled to several other countries while there and found the same thing and never once had to go through a security check at the airport while going between countries in the European Union. Not so here in the States. You will be required to go through security checks at every single airport you stop at just going between the states.

So…who is our government really trying to protect? Us citizens? Not hardly, though that is exactly what they want us to believe. Just look at the millions of people out there, folks, who are telling you what’s going on in America today. Are they all just crazy conspiracy theorists as the government and main stream news media wants us to believe? I thought just that too until a few years ago when I began investigating things on my own.

The things I discovered far exceeds any movie I could have ever watched. My question is this: is Hollywood following what is going on in this country or is this country following whats going on at the in Hollywood? One thing is for sure, it can’t go on much longer before something gives.


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