Obama’s Comments At The Prayer Breakfast 2015

I was listening to a broadcast Friday 2/6/2015 hosted by Audie Cornish on National Public Radio where Cornish was discussing Obama’s comments at the Prayer Breakfast with E.J. Dionne from the Washington Post and David Brooks from the New York Times. Brooks had this comment which I totally disagree with. “But Barack Obama, over the Prayer Breakfasts over the years, including yesterday, was extremely upfront about his faith and the faith he needs. He speaks as a believer. He speaks as a Christian. And what he said is completely normal for Christians to say – to say that we have to walk humbly in the path of the Lord, to say God’s purposes are mysterious. That is the essence of Judaism – of Christianity.” (source: NPR.org)

Barack Obama has admitted many times that he is not a Christian, but in fact a Muslim so I wonder where David Brooks got the idea from that Obama is a Christian.

This is not to say that all Muslims will act as ISIS does, however, the doors to the United States have been opened wide at all borders, to the type of terror and atrocities committed by ISIS, during Barack Obama’s presidency.


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