Real Alien Evidence

1945: WWII ends.
1947: Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting occurred on June 24.
1947: Roswell crash happens.
1949: This test flight was filmed at Monument Valley, Arizona

At the the end of WWII when the allied forces overtook Germany, they discovered countless secret projects the Nazis were working on. The American military relocated over 1,500 tons of these secret project documents to the United States along with other artifacts and some of the scientists who were working on them. One of these projects was a flying disc or Haunebu. We believe this video to be of a test flight of a Haunebu after being brought to the United States. Of several models designed and built by the Nazis, as far as our research could determine, only two models were successfully tested.

Where did the Nazis get the technology to build such machines?

Note: I inadvertently left off the link to the US patent Office page from the video which shows one of Mr. Boyd Bushman’s patents. Please use this link to view it:  Bushman


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