Boyd Bushman’s Alien Doll

Whether it is the United States government, Lockheed Martin, Robert Bigelow and his bunch, or just the naysayers with their limited mental capacities, the accusations of Dr. Boyd Bushman not being a real scientist and a fraud is unfounded. The following link is to only one of his patents: 5,929,732. It is for an Apparatus and method for amplifying a magnetic beam. This page shows Boyd  Bushman as the inventor and that he worked for Lockheed Martin.

Bushman patent

If this is not sufficient to convince the naysayers Boyd B. Bushman was a real scientist for Lockheed Martin, the next link will. It shows his many other patents also as he worked for Lockheed Martin. Once again just click on the picture:

Boyd B. Bushman's many patents

On another note; while the accusations that the alien photos he showed near the end of his life were actually toys which could be purchased at Walmart may be true, it is apparent that the photos had been switched without Boyd’s knowledge.

And still more proof: Owens Livingston Mortuary obituary for Boyd B. Bushman has a very nice Life Legacy of Mr. Bushman. Click on the picture:Boyd B. Bushman

As shown in the video on Youtube in an interview with David Sereda and Nick Cook just before the death of Boyd Bushman, Bushman did not look closely at the photos he was producing and he was in ill health as well. After watching the video I felt very sad for Boyd and his family. I figured there had to be some slight-of-hand going on and that the doll had to be modeled after something so I did some research. After some time I turned up a video of a creature staring through a window. I thought it was just another fake until I saw it blink. The creature was nearly identical to the pictures Boyd Bushman had shown. I immediately downloaded the video and have it stored in case it was deleted, but it can be found on Youtube also. The part I am talking about is located between 012:00 and 034:00. Click on the picture to view the video.

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