Hillary is cheating her way to the Democratic nomination

Kyle Smith is an accomplished novelist, critic, journalist, and a columnist for the New York Post who I follow quite frequently. He has a comical way of expressing what the rest of us would really like to say. I think you will enjoy his article on Hillary is cheating her way to the Democratic nominationHillary Clinton for June 4, 2016:

The Democrats had a script for 2016. Backed by big-money donors, party insiders, liberal institutions, universal name recognition, the media and terror on the part of all other serious potential candidates, Hillary Clinton would glide to the nomination, her path marked by rose petals.

Gentlemen would doff their caps as smiling troubadours gently strummed their lutes by the side of the path to the nomination.

Somehow a coronation turned into “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Every time Hillary looked in the rearview mirror, there he was: a nutty old socialist chained to the grille of a monster truck and screaming imprecations into the wind. Continue Reading


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