Suppressed Science: Evolution Debunked: Humans Did Not Evolve From Apes.

This is a really interesting study group which demonstrated the divergence between chimpanzees and human Y chromosomes. The importance of this study has been overlooked by mainstream media which pushes an evolutionary view of life. Many have heard about how humans share high percentages of genes with other species- apes, canine, rodents, and even birds. However, the Y chromosome- the male sex chromosome inherited only along the male DNA lineages- is so drastically different that it disproves the idea of a common ancestor- evolution of species.

The simple explanation of genomic similarity between species is that we all share the same planet- the building block. If we compare the similarities- for example mammals- between species, it can be demonstrated that all species which have warm blood, skin, eyes, teeth, tongues, eyes, breathe oxygen, etc. all share the same genomic codes which control these functions. The idea that we all descend from one another is completely shattered when the sex chromosomes- X and Y- are compared.


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