Did Google help Hillary Clinton win the Popular vote?

There has been tremendous turmoil in the United States since the election of Donald Trump as President. The Democratic party has mounted an almost unbelievable and sometimes violent campaign to have Trump ousted from office. Even Barack and Michele Obama have turned from what they originally stated about working with the new administration to working totally against it.

Could Google be playing a part in all of this and could they have played a part in Clinton’s popular vote issue? Keep reading, it gets better.

Supposedly, at least by the election figures, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by around 3 million votes, but I found something interesting while doing some research. Below is an article listed on Google Search on December 20, 2016:

3-million-votesThis we are all quite aware, however, I was not aware of the next article posted on September 12, 2016:

votesQuite a coincidence I would say.

Now, getting back to Google’s part. I found an article posted in September of 2016 as well of Google’s bias towards Hillary Clinton in research done also by Robert Epstein:

google-biasI find all of this very interesting especially with all of the hoopla about Russian interference with the 2016 election. It would appear there is collusion by Google as well so shouldn’t they be investigated also?

By clicking on the pictures you can read the entire articles.

The follow is from an article on Slate.com.

As early as 2010, researchers at Harvard University started finding evidence that Google’s search rankings were not so objective, favoring its own products over those of competitors. A Federal Trade Commission investigation into the conglomerate in 2012 also indicated evidence that the company was using its monopoly power to help its own businesses. So it’s no secret that Google search results aren’t a font of objective and unbiased information. Now, as we enter into prime-time politics season in the U.S., the searching for candidates is heating up.  So what do Google’s biased search results mean for the election and for democracy itself?

Google is not fair; it favors some candidates, and it opposes others. And so far, it seems to prefer Democrats.

Our crowd sourced analysis of Google search results on Dec. 1 for the names of 16 presidential candidates revealed that Democrats fared better than Republicans when it came to supportive and positive sites within the first page of results. Democrats had, on average, seven favorable search results in those top 10, whereas GOP candidates had only 5.9. (Source: Slate.com)


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