Prescription dog, cat foods face anti-trust lawsuit

Prescription dog, cat foods face anti-trust lawsuit

The title above links to one I ran across recently while doing some research on pet foods. It was very interesting as my wife and I have taken care of feral cats for quite some time.

Recently one of our cats, a seven year old Burmese male named Kellin, became very ill with a urinary tract infection. I called our vet who happened to be going out of town for the holiday. They recommended having Kellin seen immediately or he would die and since they could not see him we were referred to another vet. It was actually a local pet hospital. We rushed the cat to the other facility and were treated better than by our own vet of many years.

Kellin was in surgery after some tests and we were given an estimate of the bill upfront. The bill was estimated to be nearly $1,000, however, that wasn’t the shocker. They recommended we place our cat on a prescribed special cat food.

As I had to leave for an eye exam across the street before the vet returned with the itemized total, my wife stayed to talk to the vet more. She had said OK to the cost of the medical care, but not to the cost of the food.

Our cat came through surgery fine and they did take very good care of him even calling us twice a day to keep us updated for the three days he was there. Since my wife had just had two surgeries herself and wasn’t feeling well the day Kellin was released, I went to pick up him up. I paid the bill which was now listed at $1,100 and headed home with two arm loads of a so called Prescription cat food, one 8.5 LB bag of dry and a pallet of 24 cans. A hundred dollars worth of prescription diet cat food.

When I got home my wife said she told them we did not want the prescription food, but they had tacked it onto the bill anyway. We checked it online and found we had paid three times higher than what we could have purchased it for online even with shipping costs. We actually found very little difference in that food and and the Purina cat food he had been fed his whole life.

After some investigative work we now believe that Kellin’s problem may have stemmed from him drinking well water at our home and may not have been the food.

Kellin was a very tiny and very ill little kitten my daughter had found that had been abandoned by the side of the road. She lived in the city with her mother and had city water service. When she graduated and moved away she asked my new wife and I to keep Kellin. We had him less than a year when he became ill.

We live in the country and have a 200 foot deep sand well and we think the minerals in the water may have caused Kellins problem, although we take care of 28 other cats who, except for three, have all drank well water their entire lives and none of the 28 have had problems with it.

Kellin is eating the prescription food for now until it runs out, but he eats other food as well with the other cats and likes it better.

On another occasion we were told by our vet that the other eleven year old female Burmese we have named Polly was diagnosed with liver cancer and needed more tests which would cost about $500. Polly had lost a lot of weight and had stopped eating and drinking. We she would vomit anytime she ate or drank so she just quit. They tried to get us to buy the same prescription cat food for Polly, but we turned it down and instead used the internet to do research.

We did as another cat caretaker had done and hand fed Polly goats milk with an eye dropper. We did get some meds from the vet for the nausea she had so she would hold the milk down. After about six weeks of this procedure Polly began to drink water on her own without throwing it back up and then about a week later she began eating and holding down small amounts of soft food.

Today, two years later, Polly is very healthy and runs and plays with other cats like she is a kitten. She is now thirteen tears old and though we no longer give her goats milk, we do give her glucosamine for cats which seems to have helped her joint health and enabled her to run and play again. It’s amazing how a little research on your own can go a long way to making you a little wiser and maybe happier and healthier.

Good luck on your own research and please read the article from the title above.


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