Netflix Subscribers Cancelling Their Accounts Thanks to the Obamas

(Source: Fox News) Netflix has struck a deal with President Obama and Michelle Obama to create original content for the video streaming service. I guess there were no more humanitarian projects anywhere on the planet that needed the attention of the Obamas, so why not go to Hollywood and cash in?

After all, unlike Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the Obamas never claimed to be socialists. They’ve already embraced the audacity of capitalism as part of the top 1 percent of earners, so when the opportunity to make even more money comes along, why not respond: Yes we can!

After I read this article I immediately cancelled my Netflix account, alongside so many other Netflix subscribers, after having it for many years. My decision to cancel was not politically motivated, it was just the logically correct thing to do. Although Netflix has moved so far to the left since first coming online, it was the accurate facts of Barack Obama’s leadership inabilities in the article I read that stirred my attention.

Perhaps Netflix will get the same message from the Obama deal that Google and Facebook got when they went against their subscribers and their subscribers and users began cancelling: “You’re going to lose a lot of money over this!”

Read the full article here:

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