UPS Wrong Delivery Issues, Why Can’t Their Drivers read?

UPS wrong deliveries were bad enough before the Coronavirus pandemic, however, they appear to have gone overboard since then. In the past I have had neighbors bring me a package now and then which was left by a UPS driver at their address even though the correct address, mine, was clearly on the address label. A bit of an inconvenience and a good neighbor giving up their time to see my package is delivered where it was supposed to be in the first place.

Now we are in the middle of China’s darned Covid-19 pandemic and deliveries have gotten far worse. It’s not just me, but for a tremendously large number of folks as well. Since the pandemic and people began ordering online more than ever, UPS deliveries for me and my wife have been left in completely different neighborhoods from where we live. The address is clearly stated each time. It’s as if the driver can’t read or doesn’t care.

I am sixty seven and my wife is sixty five with all sorts of underlying medical conditions, in fact she is among some of the highest people in the Covid-19 mortality rates. This is why we have been ordering supplies, both food and medical, online when we can.

Recently an over the counter medication my wife needed and was able to order online was delivered nearly fifteen miles away at an Ace Hardware store which happened to have a USPS postal service. This while I get messages when ordering online sometimes saying UPS doesn’t deliver to US Postal Service addresses.

The medication was unavailable in stores due to the pandemic. After my wife received a message saying her package had been delivered we looked all around outside, but no package. She went online to the UPS website and got the address where the package had been delivered and found it was at an Ace Hardware so she called to check. The clerk said yes it was there. This was rediculous, why there of all places?

Last week once again UPS delivered a package with a refilled medication to someone in our area, but not to us and once again our address was clearly marked on the label. I don’t know where the guy lived as the weather was bad and he had just gotten home from work so I didn’t want to hold him up any longer. I thanked the gentleman and he was on his way.

Shortly before I retired UPS delivery trucks made deliveries and pick-ups several times a day where I worked . On one particular day I got called up front for a ninety dollar part I had ordered. The guys were laughing as they handed me an empty cardboard tube container. Apparently the heavy piece of three inch diameter metal rod I ordered slid out of the tube at some point into the back of the truck. The driver just delivered the empty tube along with other deliveries and went on his way. Our warehouse people never found the rod and my job was a week late getting finished as I had to reorder.

That rod weighed around 35 pounds, but I guess the driver never heard it rolling around in the back of his truck with his headphones blaring. I hear stories like this all the time from individuals and businesses.

It is inefficiencies like these that are giving a once good business a bad name in these rough times. I feel sorry for UPS investors because it’s only a matter of time before some wises up.

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