Michael Bloomberg Trys to Buy Florida Votes for Biden Campaign for $100 Million

As stated in a recent Fox News article:

“Bloomberg famously spent nearly $1 billion of his own money on his own failed presidential bid, which lasted less than five months and ended without him winning any major primary contests in the Democratic primary season.

Before ending his campaign in March, Bloomberg faced a wave of accusations that he was trying to “buy” his way to the Democratic nomination. The former mayor, whose net worth is estimated to exceed $60 billion, flooded the airwaves with $550 million in advertisements. That included $224 million for Super Tuesday states.

Out of the 1,000 delegates up for grabs, Bloomberg only took dozens and failed to pick up wins in any major states. Instead, he only won the American Samoa caucuses.” (Source: Fox News)

The comments above are exactly why I believe Mike Bloomberg will be helping the Trump campaign not Biden’s. He has already made one big blunder and now he will be making another, depending on how you look at it. As Bloomberg pushed the Democratic voters away with his money during his own campaign for president he will do the same once more for Joe Biden.

American voters are not stupid as some politicians suggest and be they Democrats, Republican or any other party, to imply a buyout of votes to win an election is simply un-American and won’t be tolerated.

As a Southern Trump voter and one of millions of American voters who want change all I can say to Michael Bloomberg and Joe Biden is , See ya’ll at Donald Trump’s inauguration.”

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