Area 51: The Full ALIEN Interview Documentary With Additional Footage

An extremely fascinating documentary for anyone taken by the fact there may indeed be or have been extraterrestrial beings here on Earth and the American military complex is fully aware of and has been covering it up from the public any way possible since at least the 1940s. There is also an additional interview at the end which was taken approximately 11 years after this documentary was aired.


Alien Presence Here On Earth

A very informative yet frightening video on the reality of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth who have apparently been here for a very long time.

Best UFO Evidence

Has the US military and government been covering up UFO evidence for more than 60 years? This program brings to light the efforts of prominent individuals who have taken it upon themselves to find out and prove that UFOs are real.

The Pleiadian Connection And Debunking Billy Meier

It’s been said that Billy Meier holds the record for the longest running UFO hoax in history. If nothing else he holds the title of Master Showman for he surely entertained thousands of people with is grand tales for many years. Below is a video of  Kal Korff exposing Eduard (Billy) Meier’s master techniques for creating the illusions needed to pull off his UFO hoaxes.