Chem-trails & Geoengineering: Who is Changing the Earth’s Weather Patterns & why?

Are chem-trails & geoengineering changing the Earths weather patterns? We have all seen them high above in our skies all across the world. In the United States it’s a daily occurrence especially in the country’s farm belts. The following film is positive proof by a former California crop insurance investigator that there is something going on, but who is doing it and why? The American military, the American government, private business monopolies?

Global warming is real and caused by humans and nature alike, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Al Gore except to make him richer each day. It has to do with greed.

Global Warming: What Al Gore Left Out so He Could Get Filthy Rich.

Watch this British television documentary and you will hate Al Gore for not telling us all of the truth about Global Warming so he could be filthy rich at our expense. This program was originally broadcast in 2007. The facts have not changed in 2016 and Al Gore gets continually richer on the backs of the world’s tax payers.

How the Government and Media Deceive the World

It’s so easy for propaganda to work and dissent to be ridiculed, disregarded, and mocked. Next time you watch something don’t use your eyes, use your head. Watch with a critical mind. Watch out for the art…of deception. (Quoted from the video)

What do Disney, Al gore, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have in common? FEAR: We will scare your children so badly that they will fear the rain!