Extra Terrestrials (Aliens) On Earth: Do They Actually Exist?

After three years research on thousands of videos, articles, books, and countless testimonies, Suppressed Information is ready to reveal our findings. As always it will be up to the viewer to decide, however, we think what you will see and hear will be the deciding factor in your decision of whether or not Aliens exist here on Earth. We also feel that the information the American government has kept hidden from the public for so long will have you wondering if you should ever believe anything coming from them again. Not only the American government, but the governments of other countries as well.

On Saturday November 28th, 2015 at precisely 12:01 AM Eastern Time Suppressed Information will reveal our findings in a video posted here for the public to see and hear. Hold your breath for what you are about to witness! Tell your friends and family to watch too…

Lockheed Skunk Works Employee Speaks Out About Technology From Extraterrestrials

Don Phillips is a Contractor for the USAF, CIA, and worked for and with Lockheed Skunk Works is interviewed by Dr. Steven Greer (http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/) . Don Phillips now feels it’s time for the public to know what he knows. The facts about what has and still is going on with Area 51, Extraterrestrials on Earth, black-op projects by the military, breakthrough medical and energy advances which the government won’t release to the public, and much, much more.

Best UFO Evidence

Has the US military and government been covering up UFO evidence for more than 60 years? This program brings to light the efforts of prominent individuals who have taken it upon themselves to find out and prove that UFOs are real.