Secret Space Program, Mile Long Spacecraft, Extraterrestrial Presence: A High Ranking Intelligence Official Is Given Permission For Disclosure.

Is Hollywood being given inside information to develop movies in reference to actual missions or other intelligence operations regarding Extraterrestrial presence, a secret space program, interstellar spacecraft belonging to us, or the existance of an actual war being fought to protect planet Earth from interstellar threats? Why are some of our most expensive information gathering satellites pointed toward space instead of toward our planet? Are the movies Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, The Abyss, Independence Day, Battleship, and others tied directly to actual events past, present, or future? The answer is regrettably an astounding YES according to this report.


America And China Defend Pacific Against Alien Invasion : Top Secret Military Pact: 236,000 People Disappeared In 1953

In 1953 236,000 people vanished from the face of the Earth. This is the official total just from 1953. Countless others have disappeared since that time as well due to an ongoing war with extraterrestrial beings based on the floor of the Pacific Ocean not far off the coast of California. As stated in the account from this edition of Coast-To-Coast with guest speaker, Majestic 12 member Gordon Duff, the only member to ever come forward, of it’s similarity to the movie The Abyss. Duff concludes the sightings all around the world of giant UFOs over a mile wide are true. This is probably the most chilling report by an official with first hand knowledge that I have ever seen or heard. Duff divulges the alien UFO agenda is real and nearly everything we have heard about aliens on this planet is true.