Mass Hysteria in the United States

Watching the news media since Donald Trump first threw his hat into the political arena for the 2016 United States Presidential campaign made me wonder why the Democrats are acting more antagonistic than usual. In fact, the entire Democratic process appears to be under attack. It can’t be just because of Donald Trump and his accomplishments as President. They should all be reveling because of the current economy, success in dealing with North Korea, ISIS, the United Nations, and the United States becoming a world leader again.

So what’s currently going on with the politics in this country? I believe I have the answer: Mass hysteria seems to be the only answer that fits.

(Source: WikipediaMass psychogenic illness involves the spread of illness symptoms through a population where there is no viral or bacterial agent responsible for contagion. MPI is distinct from other types of collective delusions in that MPI involves physical symptoms. According to Balaratnasingam and Janca, “mass hysteria is to date a poorly understood condition. Little certainty exists regarding its cause.” Qualities of MPI outbreaks often include:

  • symptoms that have no plausible organic basis;
  • symptoms that are transient and benign;
  • symptoms with rapid onset and recovery;
  • occurrence in a segregated group;
  • the presence of extraordinary anxiety;
  • symptoms that are spread via sight, sound or oral communication;
  • a spread that moves down the age scale, beginning with older or higher-status people;
  • a preponderance of female participants.

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