IRS and the “GET MY PAYMENT TOOL” Stimulus Check Screwup.

IRS Get My Payment

President Trump and Republican lawmakers were trying to help the American taxpayers who were forced out of work during this Coronavirus nightmare by getting money into their hands as quickly as possible with the Coronavirus Stimulus Package. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer held it all up and then were busy pushing the Republicans to get it done quickly so they could push their agendas through, which they managed to do. When the dust settled, or so we all thought, the truth came out about the Washington Democratic lawmakers extra funding which had nothing or little to do with the Coronavirus issue.

The US Treasury and the IRS was tasked with distributing the stimulus money to the people by use of their tax returns, but as luck would have it an important issue was lost in the shuffle. The folks who need the money most, the low income families, Social Security retirees, and disability recipients who typically do not have to file will not be the first to receive their checks as originally planned.

The IRS has installed a Get My Payment tool on their website to help people such as those listed in the paragraph above who don’t typically have to file, but which actually blocks them instead. While using the tool they are asked questions for having the stimulus money direct deposited into their bank account. The problem lies in the line which asks for the REFUND amount or the tax OWED from their 2019 taxes. If the individual did not get a 2019 refund or have taxes owed, but filed anyway as a good citizen, the bank information cannot be processed using this tool. I watched as someone tried relentlessly to get it to go through, but it would not. Instead the recipient will have to wait until checks are mailed out which will be a while longer.

IRS Get My Payment2

So as usual the people who need help the most are forgotten and have to wait at the end of the line. It is impossible to get through to a human being with the IRS due to cutbacks in personnel trying to keep employees safe from the virus right now.

Like the American homeless population, shoved to the sidelines to wait for handouts and struggling to find food and shelter while Washington politicians receive their paychecks, party, vacation, and revel in delight that they were able to get their billions of US funded dollars for their pet projects to other countries.

To this I say to the Dems of Washington, “Have fun while it lasts. Tomorrow is a new day.”