Why I Believe we Never Landed a man on the Moon

I am as patriotic as the next guy about our country, the United States of America. The problem I have is that the citizens work for the government, not the government working for it’s citizens as it should be.

NASA has been and always will be a government and military entity funded by taxes of the American citizens solely for the purpose of keeping contracts going to giant corporate contractors who initiate kickbacks to certain individuals within NASA and the American Government. This is a well known fact within the government contracting circle…at least for those contractors willing to take a chance.

Example: as a former private military contractor employee I was in charge of ordering hundreds of thousands of dollars of material to complete work orders on surface vessels for the Navy, Coast Guard, and Army. If a blueprint material list specified a particular vendor by name for a particular item, I had to use that vendor. If no vendor was identified then I could use resources I was familiar with as long as their products met the specified mil-specs.

I am not going to get into why this was so, but I will say it wasn’t because the listed vendor had a better product.

If we had not gone to the moon when we were supposed the United States would have lost the space race with Russia along with trillions of dollars of contracts to these military contracting firms for the research and development of material for NASA and the military which takes advantage and control of all new developments. What did you think the US Patent Office was for?

With all of this in mind I urge you to watch the following video. It’s about two hours, but I think you will keep watching once you begin. I did.

The Apollo moon footage is authentic, don’t blink.

The biggest secret of mankind – The Clementine conspiracy a.k.a. Project Golden Dragon

Before you watch this video please read this message:

This project is based on a personal “theory” about a major conspiracy by the US Department of Defense, a whistle-blower who left cryptographic clues and finally complete exposure of the obfuscated object found in the Zeeman crater.

* * * This is no scientific build disclosure (yet). * * *

What you will see is the result of 14 years of collecting data, analyzing and making image enhancements. I cannot promise you that you will see the alien object. I needed a long time myself to see the strange shape so do not expect to see it immediately. Take your time and try not to think of extraterrestrial technology when you watch. You probably already have an expectation what “technology on the Moon” looks like but it is unlike anything you ever seen, so clear your mind and try to “think out of the box”. (source: 1967sander)

NASA Lied From The Beginning: Proof Positive Of Apollo’s Actual Moon And Mars Missions

The following video is excellent. Maybe the best proof laden video I’ve seen in a long time. A lot of effort was put forth to show where the evidence came from that was presented. Sure, a lot of things can be faked, but whether it is or isn’t, to someone who can’t see the forest for the trees, it doesn’t really matter now does it? People want proof. You give it to them and they say it’s not real. NASA having placed all of this in the public realm is proof that the government feels the best place to hide something is in plain view. The actual audio transcriptions from the Apollo missions black boxes of what the astronauts are seeing on the dark side of the moon are amazing. The photos are truly mind blowing and prove without a doubt that NASA and the Department of Defense have been lying all along, not only of the actual space missions purpose, but also what was found. The evidence is overwhelmingly proof positive. Anyone not believing in what is actually going on after viewing this video will never believe anything other than what their leaders tell them, which of course, is what our public education system in the United States is all about. Many thanks to Suspect Sky for this video. Check out the rest of the channel too.