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An extremely fascinating documentary for anyone taken by the fact there may indeed be or have been extraterrestrial beings here on Earth and the American military complex is fully aware of and has been covering it up from the public any way possible since at least the 1940s. There is also an additional interview at the end which was taken approximately 11 years after this documentary was aired.


This History Channel documentary describes the US military’s coverup and denial of UFO and extraterrestrial activity on Earth particularly in the United States since 1947.

Aliens Over Los Angeles February 25, 1942

The following video below is actual footage of the event as it unfolded in the skies over Los Angeles in 1942.

If this were just a carnival attraction or advertising stunt, why would they need five lead vehicles so far apart and who knows how many chase vehicles behind? If you have any knowledge of this incident we would like to hear from you. Please email us here:



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