Weird Marks on Ocean Floor off Mexican Coast

Today I was roaming around on Google Earth Pro and found some weird lines that look as though they were plowed into the floor of the Gulf of California beginning about 15 miles off the coast of Los Mélagos, Sonora, Mexico and over 4,000 feet deep according to Google Earth. The marks have been apparently dug into the ocean bottom because you can clearly see the debris pushed up on either side of the marks. You don’t need Google Earth to see them. They are visible on Google Maps as well and just as clearly.Weird marks on Google Earth

Where the two long double lines intersect at the right there is a blue spot. You can see it more clearly when zoomed in. At first I thought it was maybe a deep crater, but as I zoomed in more It appeared as though something had been masked out to cover whatever was really there. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think because it surely does not look natural to me.

The coordinates are:  26° 43′ 03.78 ” N and 110° 30′ 44.14″ W

Weird marks blue area on Google Earth

Blue area zoomed in.

Blue area magnified