Leaked Documents Reveal Marine Corps “Urban Training Center” Based On U.S. Town

Military Operations on Urban Terrain Collective Training Facility


Whistle BLOWER-Former World Banker 20 Years, Karen Hudes Reveals Secret Plot to NUKE Charleston Harbor.

Former World Banker of 20 years, Karen Hudes, reveals a startling revelation of why certain top ranking U.S. Generals are being fired. Karen HudesThis is all to familiar to me as I am from the area she discusses and have heard this before in 1983. Very few people knew there were over 2,000 nuclear warheads stored at the Naval Weapons station in the North Charleston, SC area until in 1983 some independents decided to broadcast a movie from the deck of the USS Yorktown in Charleston Harbor. It was sort of Orson Welles style and was called SPECIAL BULLETIN. It was about a nuclear bomb being detonated in Charleston Harbor. After that they began moving them out, not sure how many. I know this because I am from there  and lived there at the time and worked at the Charleston Naval Shipyard also. My point is this; we only know what they want us to know. When so many top ranking officials start coming forward with information like this, you know something is going on.

Most Important Video Ever Made: After Decades Of Research Proof Is Documented

This video is what the staff of Suppressed Information.Com believes to be the most important video ever made and distributed on the Internet or any other media. It is not something you will see on the mass media conglomerates because it exposes them as well as many other deceptions. Hosted and produced by one of the heirs to the Proctor & Gamble corporation, Foster Gamble, along with his wife, spent a lot of money and years to investigate and produce this two hour film to open peoples eyes to what is taking place all around the world, who is behind it all, and why it’s being done. Foster Gamble even admits research and developments by his own family’s company which have unknowingly contributed to some of the evens which taking place.

This  film is without a doubt a well investigated and documented program which was produced in 2012 and has undergone scrutiny from the beginning. The staff of Suppressed Information.Com urges it’s readers to watch this film in it’s entirety and then begin your own investigations as we have over the past two years. The Earth and it’s inhabitants are changing and not from global warming, but by the efforts of a hand full of wealthy, greedy families who want to control all aspects of the world for their own benefit

Donna Hare Reveals NASA Suppressed Information At Disclosure Project Press Conference

The title of this video is misleading. There are no pictures of grey aliens. The pictures are actually of UFOs captured by NASA cameras. As the maker of this video points out, the pictures in this video are not from the press conference, but the audio of Donna Hare’s revealing of the NASA coverup and it’s destruction of important photos is authentic.