Why are my Income Taxes so Complicated?

It’s a new year again and once more it’s time to begin filing our US taxes for the previous year. Time to gather up all of those receipts and take them to our accountant or favorite tax preparer and try not to pay anymore taxes than is necessary.

The income tax codes in the United States are a nightmare, at least for the average American. I ran across the following article from April of 2016 which I believe will interest my readers:

(source: The Slate) In 1998, Congress ordered the Internal Revenue Service to implement by 2008 a “return-free” system for people with easy filings, likely something similar to what’s now common in other countries. Even before the legislation passed, the tax-prep industry went on the offensive. If the IRS doesn’t “stay out of our backyard,” a high-ranking H&R Block executive threatened, “we will take it up in Congress,” Accounting Today reported in 1998. He meant it. Since then, H&R Block and its peers have spent millions lobbying Congress—$28 million between 1998 and 2013—in what’s been a very successful effort to keep our taxes tangled. 

Use this link THE SLATE to read the whole article, it’s very interesting and will opened your  eyes to more suppressed information.