IRS and the “GET MY PAYMENT TOOL” Stimulus Check Screwup.

IRS Get My Payment

President Trump and Republican lawmakers were trying to help the American taxpayers who were forced out of work during this Coronavirus nightmare by getting money into their hands as quickly as possible with the Coronavirus Stimulus Package. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer held it all up and then were busy pushing the Republicans to get it done quickly so they could push their agendas through, which they managed to do. When the dust settled, or so we all thought, the truth came out about the Washington Democratic lawmakers extra funding which had nothing or little to do with the Coronavirus issue.

The US Treasury and the IRS was tasked with distributing the stimulus money to the people by use of their tax returns, but as luck would have it an important issue was lost in the shuffle. The folks who need the money most, the low income families, Social Security retirees, and disability recipients who typically do not have to file will not be the first to receive their checks as originally planned.

The IRS has installed a Get My Payment tool on their website to help people such as those listed in the paragraph above who don’t typically have to file, but which actually blocks them instead. While using the tool they are asked questions for having the stimulus money direct deposited into their bank account. The problem lies in the line which asks for the REFUND amount or the tax OWED from their 2019 taxes. If the individual did not get a 2019 refund or have taxes owed, but filed anyway as a good citizen, the bank information cannot be processed using this tool. I watched as someone tried relentlessly to get it to go through, but it would not. Instead the recipient will have to wait until checks are mailed out which will be a while longer.

IRS Get My Payment2

So as usual the people who need help the most are forgotten and have to wait at the end of the line. It is impossible to get through to a human being with the IRS due to cutbacks in personnel trying to keep employees safe from the virus right now.

Like the American homeless population, shoved to the sidelines to wait for handouts and struggling to find food and shelter while Washington politicians receive their paychecks, party, vacation, and revel in delight that they were able to get their billions of US funded dollars for their pet projects to other countries.

To this I say to the Dems of Washington, “Have fun while it lasts. Tomorrow is a new day.”


UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan to inventory and
control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all
construction, all means of production, all information, all energy, and all
human beings in the world. INVENTORY AND CONTROL

Have you wondered where these terms ‘sustainability’ and ‘smart growth’
and ‘high density urban mixed-use development’ came from? Doesn’t it
seem like about 10 years ago you’d never heard of them and now
everything seems to include these concepts? Is that just a
coincidence? That every town and county and state and nation in the
world would be changing their land use/planning codes and government
policies to align themselves with…what?

Far from being a ‘conspiracy theory’ or a ‘tin-foil hat’ fantasy, this is an
actual United Nations plan, signed onto in 1992 by President George HW
Bush along with 178 other world leaders. The UN called it Agenda 21
because it is the Agenda for the 21st century. According to UN Secretary
General Maurice Strong, the ‘affluent middle-class American lifestyle is
unsustainable.’ That includes single family homes, private vehicles,
appliances, air-conditioning, & meat-eating. They are a threat to the planet.

This might sound like a silly plan that doesn’t affect you. But look around.
This economic collapse is UN Agenda 21. You’ll hear that this plan is nonbinding, that it’s a dusty old plan with no teeth. That is a lie. In fact over
the last 20 years this plan has been implemented all over the United States.
It’s called Sustainable Development. The 3 E’s: ecology, economy, equity.

After George Bush signed it in 1992, it was brought back to the US by
President Clinton (1993) when he created the President’s Council on
Sustainable Development for the sole purpose of getting it into every city,
county, and state in the US through federal rules, regulations, and grants.
This is a global plan but is implemented locally. You’ll see it as a regional
plan. It might be called Vision 2035, or Your Town 2025, or One Bay Area,
or Plan NY…all of these regional plans are the same. They call for stack
and pack housing, restricted mobility, and regional government. Domestic
surveillance, smart meters, GMO’s, loss of freedom—all UN Agenda
21/Sustainable Development. You are losing your rights. You are being
manipulated. You are being lied to. You are the Resistance.

How could something that sounds so good be bad? Who wouldn’t want to
be sustainable? Vibrant? Walkable? Bikeable? Green? These buzz words
were designed to make you think that you’re doing something good for the
planet. This is the biggest public relations scam in the history of the world.

Sustainable Development was created and defined by the United Nations in
1987, and the action plan to implement it was signed onto in 1992 by US
President Bush and 178 other nations. It was called Agenda 21, the
Agenda for the 21st century. Considered unsustainable under this plan:
middle class lifestyle, single family homes, private vehicles, meat-eating,
air conditioning, appliances, dams, farming, you.

Clinton began to implement it in the US in 1993 by giving the American
Planning Association a multi-million dollar grant to write a land use
legislative blueprint for every municipality in the US. It is called Growing
Smart Legislative Guidebook with Model Statutes for Planning and the
Management of Change. This was completed in 2002 and is being used to
train planners in every university, college and government planning office
in the nation. Growing Smart is Smart Growth.

Growing Smart is in our planning department and its principles are in our
city and county plan. Right now. Beside this, on the shelf, is The Local
Agenda 21 Planning Guide put out by ICLEI and the United Nations. Urban
areas are being consolidated and rural areas are being emptied of people
through restrictive land use policies, gasoline costs, vehicle miles traveled
taxes, loss of rural road maintenance, closure of rural schools, closure of
rural post offices, water well monitoring, smart meters, and regionalization
pressures. Smart Growth is not just the preferred building style for UN
Agenda 21/Sustainable Development; it is the ideology. Moving people into
centralized urban areas in high density housing creates the perfect
opportunity for domestic surveillance. This ideology is being used as the
justification to radically change every city in the United States and to
impose regulations dictated by unelected regional boards and
commissions. It is remaking government. This dramatic revolution in
private property rights extends to every facet of our lives: education,
energy, food, housing, transportation. We are being told that this is OUR
PLAN but it is not. We object to this manipulation and refuse to be
subjected to it. Educate yourself. Speak out. BE the Resistance.


What I saw in the sky that day

On September 13, 1995 I was on a highway in Sardinia, Italy on my way to Palau to catch a ferry boat to the island of La Maddalena. I was with an American government contractor to perform a job with the US Navy then stationed at the Italian base on Santo Stefano island in the Mediterranean Sea.

As I looked out over the scenery I was taking photos of I saw something in the sky. It was a bright white elongated object. I took a photo of this object, but I have only shown it to a very select few people over the years since.

I found this video on Youtube recently. The object I saw looked exactly like the object crashing in this video. Over the years since I have misplaced the the photo I took of the object I saw that day in 1995, but the object in this video is the same as what I saw. If I ever find the picture I will edit this article and post it here.

My Greatest Fear After Retirement

In the United States these days, thanks to many different issues with freedom of expression and freedom of speech, the morality meter has broken down. A very large part is due to Hollywood, cable television, and the advent of video games which also was influenced by Hollywood and the especially the military. Hollywood has had a major influence as well on politics here in the USA and abroad.

The other day I spoke with an elderly gentleman, I’ll just call him Max, who told me his major concern now that his family is grown and he is retired is that he will outlive his Social Security benefits. I told Max bot to worry and explained:

Social Security benefits, which last as long as you live, provide valuable protection against outliving savings and other sources of retirement income. (source: SSA.GOV)

Max has bad knees and his wife Joanna has extreme immune deficiencies, severe asthma with chronic bronchitis issues, fibromyalgia, and many more health problems some of which she was born with and others which were due to being in a very abusive marriage with her first husband for 37 years.

I Googled what Max said to me and found that over 21 million others were saying the same thing.


Max explained to me he had taken care of other people for most of his life and not saved for his retirement. He always thought there was time. However, in the 80s he was saving for retirement through first an employee profit sharing plan with his employer of 15 years at the time which was subsequently turned into a 401K plan managed by a famous investment firm which depleted the money through broker transaction fees. This was all during the Enron fraud scandal era. Max was gun shy after this and never invested again.

In 2018 Max was forced to retire earlier than his planned age of retirement at sixty six by the company he was employed by for over 12 years. So now due to and his wife’s health issues, their only income is the SSA check he receives and the disability check his wife receives.

Max and Joanna are not unique to their situation. Many retired folks across the United States have similar situations and it’s getting worse by the minute. 

The Social Security System was not intended to be a permanent fixture in our society, but neither was it intended to be a cookie jar politicians can pull from any time they have a special interest project in the works, but time and again the same move is made as the Social Security System dwindles.

The Social Security System could work and work well with the proper management, however, just as with the (IRS) Internal Revenue Service the system has become so broken and complicated it takes a lawyer to explain it. Both systems need a massive overhaul and reduction in complication.