Netflix Subscribers Cancelling Their Accounts Thanks to the Obamas

(Source: Fox News) Netflix has struck a deal with President Obama and Michelle Obama to create original content for the video streaming service. I guess there were no more humanitarian projects anywhere on the planet that needed the attention of the Obamas, so why not go to Hollywood and cash in?

After all, unlike Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the Obamas never claimed to be socialists. They’ve already embraced the audacity of capitalism as part of the top 1 percent of earners, so when the opportunity to make even more money comes along, why not respond: Yes we can!

After I read this article I immediately cancelled my Netflix account, alongside so many other Netflix subscribers, after having it for many years. My decision to cancel was not politically motivated, it was just the logically correct thing to do. Although Netflix has moved so far to the left since first coming online, it was the accurate facts of Barack Obama’s leadership inabilities in the article I read that stirred my attention.

Perhaps Netflix will get the same message from the Obama deal that Google and Facebook got when they went against their subscribers and their subscribers and users began cancelling: “You’re going to lose a lot of money over this!”

Read the full article here:

Microwave War: are Microwaves being Weaponized and used to Control us?

What you are about to see and hear as you watch these three videos will both shock and horrify you. You will never again look at your WIFIs, routers, cell phones, your Smart TV, your microwave oven and mostly the cell towers that now surround us all at home. at work, and even at the schools your children attend, in the same light. If you have not had your eyes opened yet as to what is going on around us all, you will by the time these videos are over.

Trump’s Steel Tariffs: will they hurt Americans?

I have been working in industrial settings since 1972 when I was eighteen. I have worked for companies like General Electric building steam turbine generators for power plants, General Dynamics building off shore oil well drilling platforms, and for military general contracting companies working on board surface vessels for the US Navy and US Army. In all of these jobs heavy steel was used, American steel.

When I first began working on the ships of America’s Naval Atlantic Surface Fleet and US Army vessels in the 1980s, no foreign parts could be installed on any vessel. By 2006 when I left, foreign parts were being installed on board all of the vessels we worked on.

During those times I have been laid off  due to NAFTA and have seen many coworkers laid off in all of these companies because although we may have just completed a contract for a particular customer and had the lowest bid on the next contract, due to NAFTA the next contract had to go to another country. It feels like you are being robbed and there is nothing you can do about it except look for another job.

As superintendent of over a hundred employees at times, it was very heart wrenching to tell good workers they were being terminated and most of the time it would be just before Christmas.

The following is quoted from on NAFTA:

“Clinton signed it into law on December 8, 1993; the agreement went into effect on January 1, 1994. Clinton, while signing the NAFTA bill, stated that “NAFTA means jobs. American jobs, and good-paying American jobs.

John Stossel probably isn’t aware either that a lot of cell phones, although manufactured in other countries, are put together here in the United States by inmates in American prisons who are paid pennies per phone that they build to cut the cell phone company’s labor costs even more.

Mr. Stossel has made some good programs during his career and exposed some crooked businesses and people, but sometimes he gets things wrong and doesn’t quite do his homework very well as in this video where he gets slapped by a WWF wrestler not once, but twice for asking the wrong question:

Mr. Stossel, I suggest you wear someone else’s shoes as your homework assignment before asking the wrong questions again.

Why are my Income Taxes so Complicated?

It’s a new year again and once more it’s time to begin filing our US taxes for the previous year. Time to gather up all of those receipts and take them to our accountant or favorite tax preparer and try not to pay anymore taxes than is necessary.

The income tax codes in the United States are a nightmare, at least for the average American. I ran across the following article from April of 2016 which I believe will interest my readers:

(source: The Slate) In 1998, Congress ordered the Internal Revenue Service to implement by 2008 a “return-free” system for people with easy filings, likely something similar to what’s now common in other countries. Even before the legislation passed, the tax-prep industry went on the offensive. If the IRS doesn’t “stay out of our backyard,” a high-ranking H&R Block executive threatened, “we will take it up in Congress,” Accounting Today reported in 1998. He meant it. Since then, H&R Block and its peers have spent millions lobbying Congress—$28 million between 1998 and 2013—in what’s been a very successful effort to keep our taxes tangled. 

Use this link THE SLATE to read the whole article, it’s very interesting and will opened your  eyes to more suppressed information.